About Gary Manheim

Gary’s career as an entertainer began oddly enough in High School. It was there that he became involved in the Communications Club, a group of students who were responsible for the morning announcements. They let the entire school know what was happening. Everything from the Pledge of Allegiance to sports scores and many other school related clubs and events. There was also a “radio station” that broadcast into the cafeteria during lunch periods. This is where Gary found his calling.

After school, he took a job as a cashier/stock boy in a local supermarket. At one point during his shift, Gary was told there was a broken bottle of ketchup by the front end of the store. Gary’s very first professional announcement consisted of “Wet breakage in front of aisle seven”. It wasn’t exactly the “shout heard ‘round the world” but it was a start.

After following his dream and completing courses in broadcasting, a radio station in New York decided to take a chance on a fresh, new voice. WTBQ to WALL/92K then owned by “Cousin Bruce Morrow”, who also gave Gary his job interview! Then up and down the radio dial. On stations that include WEOK/WPDH, K104 (WSPK)/WBNR, 96.9 WEXT, and WZAD. Formats as varied as Polka to Jazz, from Bach to Rock and everything in between. It was here that Gary “cut his chops” with many personal appearances throughout the area, hosting night club reviews, dance parties, charitable functions and even the occasional elephant race. It was the IMMEDIATE reaction to the music he was playing that made Gary concentrate his attentions on his mobile disc-jockey skills.

Specializing in custom wedding receptions is something that Gary has taken great pride in. Over the more than 24 years he has been helping people create an affair to remember. Now after hundreds and hundreds of successful parties, Gary is devoted 100% to your special day. Totally.